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BBQ Cook-Off Registration

This year’s Big T Memorial BBQ Cook-off is a Lone Star BBQ sanctioned event and will include Brisket, Pork Ribs, & Chicken categories. Trophies/Plaques will be offered for First, Second, and Third Place in each category and a special trophy will be offered for Best-Over-All Winner.

Entry Fee is $200 per team & allows you to enter any or all of the categories . Fee can be paid by mailing in an application and check/cashier’s check/money order to GCSNA, P.O. Box 1290, Fairfield, TX 75840; OR you can register and pay the day of the event. Register online before August 20th to be registered in a drawing.

All form submissions are sent to :  [email protected]

LSBS Rules
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Kids Cook Off Registration
Attention Cookers
  • All 30 amp and 50 amp hookups also have water available
  • RV spots with 30 amp hookups: $30 per hookup
  • RV spots with 50 amp hookups: $50 per hookup
  • Pavilions: Free of charge (first come first serve; some have electric and water available)
  • Self-contained RVs not requiring a hookup: Free ( first come, first serve; space will be determined by size of RV and available space on the grounds)
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  • You will receive emails with information about the cookoff from [email protected]
    $25 Entry – Winner takes 80% of the pot
    $25 Entry – Winner takes 80% of the pot
    Pavilions are first come first serve, some have electricity and water available.
    Entry Fee is $200 per team & allows you to enter any or all of the categories listed above.
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BBQ Cook-Off Rules

All meats will be cooked on site. The preparation and completion of any and all meats and sauces in competition is within the confines of the cook-off site and during the time limits designated by the promoter.

Cooks are to prepare and cook in as sanitary manner as possible. Cooking conditions are subject to inspection by the judging committee. Infractions identified by the judging committee shall be immediately corrected or the cook will be subject to disqualification.

The promoter will be responsible to address the type of types of pits allowed at the cook-off.

    –PIT – Any commercial or homemade, trailered or untrailered, pit or smoker normally used for competitive barbeque. A BBQ pit may include gas or electricity for starting the combustion of wood or wood products by NOT to complete cooking.

    –BYC (Backyard Cooker) – Any cooking device by design or nature that is inherently portable and by design is intended for recreational cooking.

Cook-off Promoters shall advise contestants in advance of applicable meat categories and/or cuts of meats and/or types of cookers.

The following categories are recommended

    –Beef Brisket

    –Pork Spare Ribs

    –Chicken – one half (1/2) full jointed domestic chicken that includes a breast, wing, thigh and drumstick. (No Cornish Game Hens)

LSBS requires that the secret, double number system be used. The system requires that two tickets bearing the same number be utilized, one firmly attached to the top of the judging tray in a manner which hides the number and the other ticket easily removed by the cook for retention after signing. Winning numbers will not be revealed until time to announce each place in each category. At the time the secret numbers attached to the tray/cup will be removed and announced.

LSBS recommends the use of a Styrofoam tray with hinged lid and without dividers to the best readily available judging container which is approximately 8 inches square on the bottom half (i.e. Dart 95HTI). A single sheet of aluminum foil should be supplied in each tray (i.e. Reynolds 810 foil sheets 9”x 10”). All judging containers shall be clean and free of any marking. Marked containers may be disqualified at the Head Judge’s discretion. Cooks are responsible for insuring that the containers they receive remain clean and undamaged.

LSBS requires that the head Judge advise all cooks of the exact quantities and cuts of meat that will be placed in the judging trays. This will normally be accomplished at the cook’s meeting. The Head Judge or designated representative will inspect all trays at the time of turn-in in order to assure compliance with the turn-in criteria.

**All garnishes and condiments are prohibited, as they do not reflect the true quality of the cooked meat. Meats may be cooked with sauces and/or other liquids, but once the cooking is complete, sauces and/or liquids cannot be added after the meat is placed in the judging tray. NO PUDDLING IN TRAY.

Recommended amounts are as follows:

    –Brisket: seven (7) full slices approximately ¼” to 3/8” thick

    –Pork Spare Ribs: seven (7) individual cut ribs (bone in)

    –Chicken: ½ fully jointed chicken (to include breast, wing, thigh & drumstick) NO CORNISH GAME HENS

If an event has 60 + teams, it is recommended that 2 – ½ chickens be submitted for judging and that brisket and rib quantities will be adjusted accordingly.

Turn in times for each category shall be pre-set. Once this time is set and/or announced, no changes will be made. A turn-in window of ten (10) minutes before and after the set turn-in time will be recognized. Judging trays received after that time will not be accepted for judging.

LSBS recommends that a minimum of five (5) judges per table be utilized ruing the initial judging. Subsequent levels of judging should utilize a minimum of seven (7) or a maximum of nine (9) judges per table. HEAD COOKS ARE PROHIBITED TO PARTICIPATE AS A JUDGE.

Judges will assign a score from 1 to 10 for each tray sampled. A maximum of twenty (20) trays or containers should be assigned to each judging table. Judges should not be required to sample and judge in excess of this number during any event. It is recommended that a predetermined number of top results from each preliminary judging table be sent on to the subsequent levels of judging.

LSBS rules can be found here: LSBS rules

Beans Competition Rules

2021 Big T Memorial Cook-Off 

Beans Competition Rules 

  • $25 entry fee
  • winner takes 80% of the pot
  1. All beans must be prepared FROM SCRATCH using dried beans. 
  2. All beans must be turned in at 11:00 am on Saturday morning at the place designated during the cooks meeting. 
  3. Turn in cups will be provided to all contestants. Judging will be done using a double ticket system (one ticket on cup, head cook keeps the other ticket). Cups must be kept clean and must not be marked in any way. 
  4. The beans competition is a Lonestar Barbecue Society sanctioned event. 
  5. There can be nothing larger than a bean in the turn-in cups. You can use whatever you like to flavor your beans during the cooking process, but any pieces of meat and/or veggies that are larger than a bean are not allowed in turn-in cups.  
  6. Please remember that each team/camp is responsible for cooking/serving food in as sanitary a manner as possible. Golden Circle board members and judges reserve the right to shut down a camp when food safety is an issue. 

Kids Cookoff Rules

  • Saturday September 4 at the WL Moody Reunion Fairgrounds
  • Check-in and set-up will begin at 3:00 PM
  • Please pre-register (details below)
  • $25 per individual entry 
  • Cooking starts at 4:00 PM
  • Food must be ready for the judges by 5:00 PM
  • ALL CONTESTANTS WILL BE PROVIDED WITH SIX (6) 1 INCH BONELESS PORK LOIN CHOPS, 18” CHARCOAL GRILLS, AND CHARCOAL FOR THE CONTEST. You may prepare your chops in any manner you like, but the chops must be the main ingredient. All entries must be prepared on the charcoal grills provided and at the designated cooking site. You are allowed to use the pork chops in any way you like (intact, stuffed, chopped, smothered, on a sandwich, in a taco, ect.), but, most importantly, we encourage you to be creative!
  • You must register in advance (to guarantee your meat and supplies), but you may pay your entry fee on arrival (we will be able to accept cash and cards at registration).   Please register by Monday, August 30, 2021 to be guaranteed a grill and meat! We will do our best to accommodate any last-minute entries, but we cannot guarantee that we will have enough to go around on the day of the competition. 
  • Ways to register: 
  1. Print out a form at bigtmemorial.com and mail it in. 

Our mailing address is: 

Golden Circle Special Needs Association 

PO Box 1290 Fairfield, TX 75840.

  1. Email [email protected] for a registration form and email it back to us, or print it and mail it in
  2. Give the form to any board member 


  • Kids must be in the age range of 6-17 years old and MUST be able to cook INDEPENDENTLY. 
  1. There will be two categories divided by age groups: 6-12 year olds, and 13-17 year olds. Kids may enter as an individual only; no teams. 
  2. Each entry in both age groups MUST have an adult (over 18) mentor ON SITE for the ENTIRE cooking time. Parents must sign a permission form if someone other than the parent/guardian will be supervising the cook on-site.
  3. For 6-12 year olds: Mentors may assist contestants when safety is an issue, ie: please help your children if knife safety is an issue. You may also light grills, etc. Please keep assistance to a minimum. Mentors are allowed to give verbal instructions.
  4. For 13-17 year olds: Mentors may help start fires if needed, but may not physically assist in the actual cooking process. *Teens must cook independently, including knife skills.* Mentors are allowed to give verbal instructions. 
  5. All entries must be prepared completely on site and from a raw state. Contestants will be provided with enough boneless pork loin chops for a minimum of 6 small servings to prepare for the judges. Any extra ingredients and/or spices are the responsibility of the contestant. Store bought or pre-made buns/bread/tortillas/chips/etc. will be allowed as the only exception to the “cooking from a raw state” rule. If you choose to use them, you may bring them in. Adding any pre-cooked or pre-marinated meat/meat alternatives/veggies to entries will not be allowed. 
  6. Contestants that pre-register before Monday, August 30, 2021, will be provided a charcoal grill to prepare their entry, and these grills will be theirs to take home!!  Any utensils, or extras they would like to use, ie. tables, cutting boards, knives, etc. for their cook site, must be provided by each contestant. New rule this year: Contestants must cook in the designated spots under the pavilion to make it easier for the judges to judge the contestants’ cooking skills. All entries will be provided a designated space, approximately measured 10’X10’. 
  7. Be prepared to have a minimum of 6 small servings ready for judging. It is perfectly acceptable to tell anyone wanting to taste your food that you only have enough for the judges. Some judges (not the tasting judges) may walk around during cooking to talk to the contestants and to see how they are preparing their food, and also make sure that only the kids are doing the cooking. 

*DO NOT serve any samples to the crowd from your completed judges’ tray, and only serve samples if you have extra food. 

  1. Judges will score each entry based on creativity, appearance, and taste. The tasting portion of the judging will be a blind taste test. Judging will be done using a double ticket system (one ticket on turn-in tray, cook keeps the other matching ticket).The tasting judges will not be walking around the cooking site, so they will not know who turned in what tray. Contestants will be provided with a turn-in tray. Please keep this tray clean, and do not put any marks on the container in any way. 
  2. Cook spaces MUST be kept clean and free of trash. Please come prepared with a receptacle (bags and/or a small trash can, etc) for your cook site’s trash. There will be larger trash cans and dumpsters on site for you to dispose of your trash after cooking is complete. Contestants must also take precautions to prepare food in as sanitary a manner as possible. Judges and board members reserve the right to shut down a cook site if unsanitary conditions threaten the safety of the food being prepared. 

We will do our best to accommodate children with special needs wishing to enter the competition, and extra supportive help will be allowed if needed. Please contact Shannon Margraves by email at [email protected] with any special questions and/or requests. We want to include everyone in our competition! 

We’re very excited to bring this event back to the Big T Memorial Cook-Off this year! Please come out and join us for a day of fun and creativity! We want all the kids entering to come out and have fun above all else. We hope this event sparks some creativity in our youth, and we hope they will discover new skills they can use to do amazing things in the future. 

Grab your aprons and let’s get cooking!

Cook’s Choice Rules

  • 2021 Big T Memorial Cook-OffCook’s Choice Rules $25 entry feeWinner takes 80% of the pot 


    1. The Cook’s Choice Competition will take place Saturday. All entries will be turned in at 12:00 pm. 
    2. The Cook’s Choice competition is not sanctioned by Lonestar Barbecue Society.
    3. All food must be prepared FROM SCRATCH on site. 
    4. Anything goes! Be creative! 
    5. Judging will be a blind judging done by a panel of judges. 
    6. Food will be turned in at the place designated during the cook’s meeting. 
    7. Judging will be based on appearance, creativity, and taste
    8. Please remember that each team/camp is responsible for cooking/serving food in as sanitary a manner as possible. Golden Circle board members and judges reserve the right to shut down a camp when food safety is an issue.